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Hi there! I'm Elli. Welcome to my site. It really is a labour of love (you're supposed to love what you do, right?) so I hope you enjoy what you find here! I'm always open to new ideas and suggestions, so don't hold back! Shoot me an email or a tweet or come find me on the Dreamnet Forum and let me know what you think! Thanks for checking out ElliNude.com!

Your Favourite "Red" in Bed   Added 11/21/2014
Your favourite redhead is waiting for you to join her in bed RIGHT NOW! How about she shakes her tassels right in your lap? Would that be enough to drive you wild? I bet a load of cum would look stunning right in the middle of that cleavage!

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Plastic Fantastic Lover!   Added 11/19/2014
This is fun! Instead of fussing with stupid boxes all moving day, I decided to wrap up your most priceless (hopefully) Elli in protective wrap! Now let's play unboxing! You can unwrap my box! Is this a fetish? It probably should be!

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Lubing Your Shaft Well   Added 11/17/2014
A jar at the sex shop caught my eye today -- the label said the contents were guaranteed to make a man CUM! I had to test it! My man let me lube him up and stroke him up and down, teasing and tickling his hard cock while it dripped precum and sex oil all over my hands! Do you think I could make him cum? Could I make YOU cum?

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I'm on Fire!   Added 11/14/2014
Tonight I'm on FIRE for you! This red PVC bodysuit is barely covering my tight nipples, and they're threatening to melt the plastic right through! You'd better help me strip out of this before there's an accident! Even better -- HOSE ME OFF with your firehose!!

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Your Meal Has Arrived!   Added 11/12/2014
Buzz buzz, sir! You ordered The Chef's Special Treat from our restaurant downstairs, and well, here I am! Would you like to start with some tasty nipples? Or dive right in to satisfy your deepest hunger?

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Your Very Cheeky Redhead   Added 11/10/2014
My photographer was having a caffeine-deficient day and I'm afraid I was a bit hard on him. He said he was "tired of my cheekiness!" So that gave me an idea for the perfect outfit! Instead of being upset with me, he had a huge grin on his face for the rest of the day! Apparently wiggling my cheeks in his face (and his lens) had a positive effect! Would you like me to rest my cheeks on YOUR face or in your lap? Come over here and get a better look :)

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