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Hi there! I'm Elli. Welcome to my site. It really is a labour of love (you're supposed to love what you do, right?) so I hope you enjoy what you find here! I'm always open to new ideas and suggestions, so don't hold back! Shoot me an email or a tweet or come find me on the Dreamnet Forum and let me know what you think! Thanks for checking out ElliNude.com!

Fucking on My Lunch Break!   Added 06/29/2015
My entire office must know how horny I am today! My little nipples have been tearing holes in my red blouse and my mind has been so distracted! Finally lunch break came, so I seized the opportunity to run home and take care of my business! I wish you were here to meet with me, but I've got the next best thing! Come super close and sniff my pussy as I masturbate through my pantyhose, getting them dripping wet!

13 minute(s) of video

Fetish Fun: I'm On Fire!   Added 06/26/2015
You like to watch a woman while she smokes, don't you? There's something deliciously private and sensual in how she holds the delicate cigarette, transfers it to her pretty lips, and takes a breath. Then a moment as she holds the smoke, feeling it swirl, warming her from the inside. Then a nearly-orgasmic exhale, expelling her tension and cares as she stares into the middle distance. Do you have something better, maybe healthier, that I can suck on?

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Lady in the Mist!   Added 06/24/2015
Don't fall asleep under the old oak tree, she said. Watch out for fairy rings, she said. Well, you didn't listen too well, did you? And now here I am! But I'm much more than a mischievous fairy! I'm your Lady of the Mist and I want the warm comfort that I came for! Nobody gets to leave my forest until they have obeyed my desires!

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For Your Eyes Only   Added 06/22/2015
I was SO HORNY after my shower, I just had to have a cum! Warning: this may be the quickest orgasm ever (did I mention I was already horny?) To compensate I do a lot of spreading of my wet pussy lips and nipple play that I hope you'll enjoy! No makeup, chipped nailpolish, wet hair, and shitty lighting -- and yet my man says this is one of my sexiest videos yet!! Do you agree?

6 minute(s), 42 second(s) of video

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Artsy Elli in Black and White   Added 06/19/2015
This is a series of erotic photos I took with my boyfriend at the time. He was really wanting to break into "real" photography and wanted to practice. So I said to pretend he didn't know me, and I would be his glamour model! You can guess (correctly) that he did convince his model to join him at the casting couch later that evening. :) Would you have been able to resist my teasing and stay professional?

54 Photos

Roar!   Added 06/17/2015
Rrrrrawr! I am sexy purr-tiger, hear me roar! Mmm even better, make me purrrr with pleasure! I know this wild sexy lingerie has your cock stiffening in your pants.. what would you like me to do with my strappy heels? Should I get bossy? Stand over you, maybe? MMm even sit on your face and let you lick me until I moan? Show me what you've got!

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