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The Horny Wife Next Door  
That's me! I'm the wife next door. My husband is away on a business trip (again) and there are only so many times I can have lunch with my ladies and go shopping before I get too horny to stand straight! Would you mind coming over to keep me company for a while today? I really need to feel a man RIGHT NOW!

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Hottie in Hot Pants!  
Sometimes all you need is a tight little hottie in hot pants! Well, here I am! Would you like to remove my silver wrapping to see the treasures underneath? I promise you'll like what you find!

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Rhythm and Blues  
MMm... I feel SO feminine when I dress up in my black FF stockings and my satin blue corset. I love how the fabric hugs my curves. It makes my nipples poke through the lace at the top, eager for attention! I have my red toy with me, ready to pleasure my (almost) every need! Now all I need is a REAL man!

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Now THAT'S a Handful!  
I know we have a big date planned for this evening, but I have my own plans! This skin tight black vinyl dress isn't made for dancing, you know! It's made for TITILLATION! Let me take this matter IN HAND and see what interest I can raise! Ah, that looks tasty! Mind if I have a suck? Don't miss all the FILTHY DIRTY TALK as I jerk you off, telling you exactly when to cum!

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Girlie Fun: Sexytimes with KatVixen!  
KatVixen is such a fun, curvy lady! She's a true redhead, too! You can tell from her downstairs fur :) I just love to bury my face in her MASSIVE tits. I can almost get smothered in there! Would you like to come play with us? :)

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Sweet Hitch Hiker!  
I could have sworn I parked my car here, but now it's gone! Darnit! I can't believe I have to do this, but I have no money left for a cab... there's nothing else to do but try to hitch hike my way home! Hey, I don't mind a bit of adventure. Let's see if I can find a hot guy to give me a REALLY good ride!

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