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@TStewart14SHR Mmm ok, I will have to try this!
@TStewart14SHR Hmm, like a roasted chicken?
@TStewart14SHR Well! I've tried! I do have a container in the cupboard! I just don't like it. :/
@TStewart14SHR but I don't like Old Bay :(
Welcome to ElliNude.com!
Welcome to my website, ElliNude.com! You must be horny. No? Well, give me just a second and I'll do my best to change that! I love to tease and please! And yes, they're all natural 30E's. In my world sex is best when it's fun, titillating, and a bit cheeky. I produce all my own content with myself and my sexy costars. You're supposed to love what you do, and here I am! Please, please let me know what you think of my labour of love (and horniness!) This site is for YOU to enjoy! Shoot me an email or holler at me on Twitter @elligirl! Now, on with the show!

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HOT Updates
Elli's Friends: Jaide the Seductress
27 Photos
Jaide is one of the most gorgeous, elegant ladies I've met! Her smoldering gaze is enough to melt the panties (or pants) right off anyone! (Ask me how I know!) Succumb to her whims today and see what she wants you to do to her! :)
Gold In BOTH Holes!
74 Photos
I have two gold vibes to match my slinky, slutty gold clubbing outfit, and my pussy and ASS are begging for some attention! Watch my slide BOTH in as I search for the perfect pre-party ORGASM!!
This Bikini Isn't for Swimming!
11 minutes of video
Can you believe this is a bikini! IT's barely there! And I'm pretty sure it would be see-through if I got it wet! Let's see if it functions better as make-your-cock-hard lingerie! :) It certainly holds my big juicy tits nicely, and you'll love how they bounce!!...
Your Sexy Study Buddy!
106 Photos
I've seen you watching me across class, even though I just wear my jeans and little tshirt to school. I'm so glad the teacher paired us as study buddies! Now I get to show you what I REALLY know!! Ready for your lesson? :)
Picnic Playtime!
81 Photos
Let's get outside and enjoy the warmth of the spring! I've packed my basket full of entertaining dildos and cocks. Now I just have to find somewhere romantic and private enough to enjoy them!
I Want a Taste of Kylie de Ville!
120 Photos
I've been stalking Kylie's sexy website for a long time, and I finally got to touch and taste this gorgeous blonde for myself!! Are you jealous? You should be! She let me kiss and lick her all over, and play with her beautiful, long legs in stockings. Then she...
I'll Meet You On Cloud 9!
72 Photos
A little angel told me that you needed a new girl for your dreams, so here I am! I've dressed in your favourite outfit -- not much at all! Now, what are we going to do to amuse ourselves all night? This is YOUR dream, after all!
Just the Stockings!
36 Photos
A little bit of danger always gets me HOT and HORNY! Now I wonder if my Tinder date is going to show up on time, or if he's going to miss all this fun! Do you think he'll like what he sees? Or will he be mad at seeing me naked like this? Oh well, no loss if he...
Hot, Intimate Sex!
19 minutes of video
This is raw, folks! The husband and I wanted to try out our new cam system, so he got his hardon on and I got my cleavage bra and sexy pink panties on, and we went to town! First I teased him, and the camera followed my every move and curve. Then I got on my knees...
I Need a Ride on a Big Cowboy!
90 Photos
You won't believe how long my red hair is! It can even tickle my little butt! Now what I need is a man to run his fingers through it and maybe pull it a bit. Yeah... pull it! That's what I like! I need to be treated like a lady who needs a good, hard FUCKING!
He Made a HUGE Mess!
37 Photos
What a mess! My boyfriend came just like I asked him to, but then he just spread it over everywhere!! Can you believe it? Maybe I should have made him clean it up!
What's Up My Skirt?
59 Photos
You're such a naughty boy, trying to peek up your babysitter's skirt! Well.. maybe I should show you just so you stop pestering me! Oh, you can't see past my white pantyhose? Have you ever seen a woman like this before?
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Most Popular Updates
Now THAT'S a Handful!
14 minutes of video
I know we have a big date planned for this evening, but I have my own plans! This skin tight black vinyl dress isn't made for dancing, you know! It's made for TITILLATION! Let me take this matter IN HAND and see what interest I can raise! Ah, that looks tasty!
Jerking and Fucking All Day Long!
10 minutes of video
My man surprised me, and caught me masturbating on the couch, pleasuring myself with my favourite Toy du Jour. Not wanting to stop, I offered the use of my free hand! He was happy to oblige. I jerked and sucked his cock while he worked my pussy with the dildo,
I'm So Horny! Aren't You?
9 minutes of video
Did you know that the average Horny Redhead thinks of sex twenty or more times a day? Well, this one sure does!! That's why I've asked you in for a drink. You looked a little lost in the hotel lobby downstairs, and I couldn't just leave you! I had to bring you
Whistle for Me!
7 minutes of video
I felt the construction men across the street watching me as I went about my morning in my apartment, and thinking of their eyes on me made me frisky! I just had to show them MORE! So I went onto my balcony with my bikini and made sure they noticed. I took off
Lonely Wife Masturbates for the Neighbour
8 minutes of video
Living in a tower isn't all it's cracked up to be! It can get quite lonely. It seems I have to find my own friends to tease and toy with most days! Today I see that Mr. Penthouse across the street is home and sitting at his table, staring at his phone. I wonder
After Shower Encouragement!
8 minutes of video
Everyone can use a little encouragement! I brought my little camera into the bathroom with me to share in a little private ritual I have -- moisturizing my tits and ass with oil always gets my mind (and fingers) wandering to dark places! I tell you how hard and

Upcoming Updates
Fire Me Up!
77 Photos
Come on baby and Light My Fire! I'm burning HOT for you in my black stockings and lacey bra! Do you have the wood to fuel my flame? *wink* Maybe these sheer panties will do the trick! Come and lick me from my toes to my aching pussy, and then FILL ME UP!
I'm Looking For Trouble in Fishnet Hose and Heels!
94 Photos
This shoot is one of my favourites from 2000. I have my pleather dress on, slutty chain belt with slutty high heels and sexy fishnet pantyhose... and I am looking for trouble, baby! Are you Mr. Trouble? Because if you are....!!
Double the Stockings Trouble!
72 Photos
I just know you love a woman in stockings but you also love to see a woman in pantyhose! So I combined the two to drive you absolutely wild!! Enjoy these flashback photos from 2002!