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Diving back into the 80s fever dream that is #StrangerThings and loving every minute. It's #creepshow meets #TalesfromTheCrypt
Just reading a book on sex tips. Would you mind trying some out with me? #cleavage video @ https://t.co/ZFGD9C71d3! https://t.co/eywnsosjU3
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@brettmac85 I can be as bad as you want :)
Welcome to ElliNude.com!
Welcome to my website, ElliNude.com! You must be horny. No? Well, give me just a second and I'll do my best to change that! I love to tease and please! And yes, they're all natural 30E's. In my world sex is best when it's fun, titillating, and a bit cheeky. I produce all my own content with myself and my sexy costars. You're supposed to love what you do, and here I am! Please, please let me know what you think of my labour of love (and horniness!) This site is for YOU to enjoy! Shoot me an email or holler at me on Twitter @elligirl! Now, on with the show!

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HOT Updates
Lust in Leather
59 Photos
Get that cock HARD for Mistress Elli! This leather and nylon is here to indicate to you that I mean business! Now get on your knees! Crawl for me and show me how you worship at my feet! You're lucky I even let you in to my bedroom! Now, if you're GOOD and OBEDIENT,...
Hands On Jerk Off Training!
12 minutes of video
This new "Sex Tips" book has some interesting ideas! Let me demonstrate a few techniques for you and you follow along! Have you tried the "Corkscrew" or the "Lemon Twist?" Mmmm.. all this teasing you and knowing you're stroking your cock for me has me hungry for...
Put Out My Fire!
35 Photos
I am on FIRE tonight! My pussy is just aching, needing to be filled with something HOT and HARD! Do you have what I'm craving? Why don't you come over here and show me what you've been hiding from me? I really, really want to see it!!
I'm Lickable Everywhere!
18 Photos
I pride myself on keeping very clean from my hair to my little toe nails! This way I'm ready for whatever fun opportunity comes along! You look like you could use a little Elli snack! Would you like to start at my nose? My nipples? Or maybe my ankles? I can't wait...
Evil Homewrecker!
12 minutes of video
Your girlfriend is away? Oh, that's .. sad. Anyway, I'm here to borrow something from you, neighbour. It's your cock. I've been dry for a while and just need a quick pounding and some cum in my mouth to make my weekend perfect. I won't tell, don't worry. I didn't...
A Date on the Makeout Couch
93 Photos
You and I have a date tonight -- on the makeout couch! What? You expect me to leave the house in this getup? No, sir! You are treating me to the kind of night I deserve! Now get your pants out and warm up your tongue! These stockings are very silky and are begging...
Sweet Summertime
35 Photos
This sweetie is just swinging away the summer in your backyard. Why don't you come out and play with her? She looks lonely! I bet she would LOVE someone to hang out with!
I Give French Maid Kylie an Orgasm!
9 minutes of video
Kylie de Ville is the perfect maid for me! She's tall, sexy, blonde, and oh so obedient! She's been working so hard, and I've been feeling generous... I think she would appreciate a little tip! Except I have much MORE than the tip to give her! I have a whole cock...
Hip or Hipster?
58 Photos
Am I hip? Or just a hipster? With these glasses and this hat, I could be hipster! But I may be able to convince you that the rest of me is all HIPS, LEGS, and BREASTS! :)
There's a Hole in My Hose!
58 Photos
These pantyhose have a secret! There's a hole right in the crotch for easy access! Can you believe I wore them to work all day? I might have flashed the mail guy a few times by accident... At least, I think that's why he ran away with a bulge in his pants! Mmm...
Dirty Talking MILF
9 minutes of video
Men say that want a lady they can take home to meet the parents, but what they REALLY want is a dirty talking woman who knows what she wants and isn't afraid to say it! Listen carefully to your instructions...!
Vintage Sexuality
92 Photos
Long legs encased in gold silk - check! Sexy high heels - check! Curvaceous ass hugged in a tight white girdle - check! And of course, your favourite natural redhead - check and check! Now, let's see what's popped up in the time we've been going over our list......
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Most Popular Updates
Hot, Intimate Sex!
19 minutes of video
This is raw, folks! The husband and I wanted to try out our new cam system, so he got his hardon on and I got my cleavage bra and sexy pink panties on, and we went to town! First I teased him, and the camera followed my every move and curve. Then I got on my knees
Now THAT'S a Handful!
14 minutes of video
I know we have a big date planned for this evening, but I have my own plans! This skin tight black vinyl dress isn't made for dancing, you know! It's made for TITILLATION! Let me take this matter IN HAND and see what interest I can raise! Ah, that looks tasty!
Jerking and Fucking All Day Long!
10 minutes of video
My man surprised me, and caught me masturbating on the couch, pleasuring myself with my favourite Toy du Jour. Not wanting to stop, I offered the use of my free hand! He was happy to oblige. I jerked and sucked his cock while he worked my pussy with the dildo,
Dirty Talking MILF
9 minutes of video
Men say that want a lady they can take home to meet the parents, but what they REALLY want is a dirty talking woman who knows what she wants and isn't afraid to say it! Listen carefully to your instructions...!
After Shower Encouragement!
8 minutes of video
Everyone can use a little encouragement! I brought my little camera into the bathroom with me to share in a little private ritual I have -- moisturizing my tits and ass with oil always gets my mind (and fingers) wandering to dark places! I tell you how hard and
I'm So Horny! Aren't You?
9 minutes of video
Did you know that the average Horny Redhead thinks of sex twenty or more times a day? Well, this one sure does!! That's why I've asked you in for a drink. You looked a little lost in the hotel lobby downstairs, and I couldn't just leave you! I had to bring you

Upcoming Updates
Girlie Fun: A Birthday Holly for my Photog!
75 Photos
My photographer has been working so hard! I wanted to give him a birthday present to remember! So I invited my sexy friend Holly to come over and help me! Can you imagine what the two of us half naked girls got up to? We teased and we teased and finally.. we pleased...
Going for Gold!
11 minutes of video
I know you like this pretty lace bra and panty set, but maybe run the first half of this video on slow-motion so you get your fill before I slip out of it. Then watch me masturbate myself to THREE orgasms! There's no "quit" in this redhead! Can you keep up with...
Fire Me Up!
77 Photos
Come on baby and Light My Fire! I'm burning HOT for you in my black stockings and lacey bra! Do you have the wood to fuel my flame? *wink* Maybe these sheer panties will do the trick! Come and lick me from my toes to my aching pussy, and then FILL ME UP!