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@DegreeZer0 exactly!
@bigpete034 aw I am so sorry to hear that! Hugs!
Thanks for the kind words, everyone. I didn't lose an actual parent, but she was my "Mom #2" for years. My best friend's mom. :(
Mmm Saturday is a great day for #tits in your face! RT if you agree! https://t.co/VBkhz7hgPS for more! https://t.co/01P2I0b53I
Welcome to ElliNude.com!
Welcome to my website, ElliNude.com! You must be horny. No? Well, give me just a second and I'll do my best to change that! I love to tease and please! And yes, they're all natural 30E's. In my world sex is best when it's fun, titillating, and a bit cheeky. I produce all my own content with myself and my sexy costars. You're supposed to love what you do, and here I am! Please, please let me know what you think of my labour of love (and horniness!) This site is for YOU to enjoy! Shoot me an email or holler at me on Twitter @elligirl! Now, on with the show!

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HOT Updates
Fishing for a MAN!
40 Photos
I've decided that the way I'm going to catch a man around these parts is to go fishing with my fishnets and gloves and heels! The holes in these pantyhose are just big enough to let the right sized man through. Do you think you could slip in and out? Are you the...
Girlie Fun: Flashing NOLA with DawnMarie!
47 Photos
DawnMarie from DawnMariesDream.com is such a fun lady! She looks like a regular MILF soccer mom, but get her out in the French Quarter and she's a flashing ANIMAL! We had so much fun, teasing all those guys and collecting TONS of beads! Did you see us showing our...
I'm SO WET Inside!!
11 minutes of video
Teasing you in my new blue lingerie with string panties and blue stiletto pump heels has made me so very, very moist! Taking my big natural 34DD breasts out and playing with my nipples really added icing to the cake, if you get what I mean! Get up nice and close...
The Estate Agent At a Showing
41 Photos
Being a real estate agent is hard! Even in a market like this, it's tough to make a sale! I know this house is a bit rough and needs some updates, but I would really like to close with you today. What... could I do to sweeten the pot? Do you have anything in mind?...
Naked in the Desert!
55 Photos
Out for a hike in the BUFF and already you've found me! How hard is it to be alone and naked outside these days, anyway? Well, now that you're here, you might as well join me. What do you have under those hiking shorts? Anything tasty? Something I would find refreshing,...
Spreading My Lips For You
10 minutes of video
Watch me bounce my natural breasts gently for you in this skimpy brown top, bringing my nipples to absolute points! Then I slowly shimmy out of my short skirt to show you my garter belt. I invite you to sit in front of me as I perch on the very edge of the couch,...
Army Brat!
64 Photos
I've been so disobedient and unruly that my dad has sent me off to the army to straighten me out! Well, being surrounded by hot, young, fit guys is JUST what I needed! You'll do for me tonight, right? Do you want the uniform on or OFF?
A Double Poke!
50 Photos
This toy is worth a double take! It has TWO little dicks on it, connected by a big handle for me to pleasure my pussy AND little ass at the same time! Now, let's see how it works!
Mirror, Mirror - Pussy, Pussy!
8 minutes of video
There's something extremely intense and sensual about watching yourself as you approach orgasm, don't you agree? If you haven't tried it, I highly recommend it for an extra rush! Watch me watch myself as I tease my nipples and pussy until I can't take it any more!...
Cutie Patootie Has a Booty!
126 Photos
A stroll in the wildflowers with you is my idea of a perfect date! Oh, you have a camera with you? You want to take a few photos? Sure! That sounds like fun! Ah, you want me to tease you a little bit? How about this? Or how about I blow your socks off!!
Cucumber Fun!
69 Photos
It's summer time, a time of fresh fruits, veggies, and HORNY women! My pussy has been yearning to be filled with something DIFFERENT! Wanna watch??
A Very Obedient Elli, Part 1
12 minutes of video
Master laid these clothes for me on the bed, so I dressed quickly after my shower and waited for him to arrive. He told me this morning that IF I was good, I would get an orgasm today! If I was VERY good, he would let me feel his cock inside me! I can only hope...
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Most Popular Updates
Hot, Intimate Sex!
19 minutes of video
This is raw, folks! The husband and I wanted to try out our new cam system, so he got his hardon on and I got my cleavage bra and sexy pink panties on, and we went to town! First I teased him, and the camera followed my every move and curve. Then I got on my knees
Now THAT'S a Handful!
14 minutes of video
I know we have a big date planned for this evening, but I have my own plans! This skin tight black vinyl dress isn't made for dancing, you know! It's made for TITILLATION! Let me take this matter IN HAND and see what interest I can raise! Ah, that looks tasty!
Jerking and Fucking All Day Long!
10 minutes of video
My man surprised me, and caught me masturbating on the couch, pleasuring myself with my favourite Toy du Jour. Not wanting to stop, I offered the use of my free hand! He was happy to oblige. I jerked and sucked his cock while he worked my pussy with the dildo,
After Shower Encouragement!
8 minutes of video
Everyone can use a little encouragement! I brought my little camera into the bathroom with me to share in a little private ritual I have -- moisturizing my tits and ass with oil always gets my mind (and fingers) wandering to dark places! I tell you how hard and
I'm So Horny! Aren't You?
9 minutes of video
Did you know that the average Horny Redhead thinks of sex twenty or more times a day? Well, this one sure does!! That's why I've asked you in for a drink. You looked a little lost in the hotel lobby downstairs, and I couldn't just leave you! I had to bring you
Honk for Me!
44 Photos
My boyfriend bet me that I couldn't get anyone to honk this early in the morning, so I had to prove him wrong! Thinking back, it was probably a dirty trick to see me naked in public again, but I was game anyway! :) Did you see me that morning? And would YOU have

Upcoming Updates
Terrible Player or Terrible Tease?
97 Photos
Pool? Sure, I love to play! I mean, I've only tried a couple of times before. Is this how you do it? How about we make this more exciting? I'll take BOTH Of you on and if I lose, I take BOTH of you on! Get my drift? :)
School's Out!
59 Photos
School's out, but I miss my lessons! I'm all ready for my special Summer School class, teacher! What do you have to teach me today? Do I need to get out my notebook or is this a hands-on lesson?