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Welcome to ElliNude.com!
Welcome to my website, ElliNude.com! You must be horny. No? Well, give me just a second and I'll do my best to change that! I love to tease and please! And yes, they're all natural 30E's. In my world sex is best when it's fun, titillating, and a bit cheeky. I produce all my own content with myself and my sexy costars. You're supposed to love what you do, and here I am! Please, please let me know what you think of my labour of love (and horniness!) This site is for YOU to enjoy! Shoot me an email or holler at me on Twitter @elligirl! Now, on with the show!

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HOT Updates
Vintage Sexuality
92 Photos
Long legs encased in gold silk - check! Sexy high heels - check! Curvaceous ass hugged in a tight white girdle - check! And of course, your favourite natural redhead - check and check! Now, let's see what's popped up in the time we've been going over our list......
Meet Me in the Bedroom
34 Photos
This red dress is a sure winner! The way it slips over my curves and lets my juicy tits bubble out the front is just irresistible to both men and women! Paired with some black sheer pantyhose, and I'm a fun present just begging to be unwrapped. Is it your birthday...
Cumming with My Neighbour!
10 minutes of video
Living in a tower can be a lonely affair. It's important to make friends! This fellow across the street seems to have a pretty good telescope, and he appreciates the local sights. I do my best to provide him with top quality entertainment! I think I can tell what...
Strike a Pose
52 Photos
I'm not all spread-eagled and open mouthed all the time. I also love to explore the sensual and erotic side of nudity without being overly sexual. Take a moment with me and enjoy some figure studies, some closeups, and hey, you might get hard and that's OK. :)...
Do I Drive You WILD?
78 Photos
Wicked Weasel makes the best, sexiest little microkinis! This one barely covers my nipples, much less the rest of my big tits! What would you do if you saw me on the beach in this bikini? Would you offer to rub some lotion on my skin? I sure would like that...
Elli As Appetizer!
10 minutes of video
Enough TV watching! There will be no more TV until you eat what is in front of you! Watch me gyrate, tease, and grind in your lap in my stockings and lingerie to make you distracted from your television session! Then I lay your dinner out for you on the kitchen...
Such a Naughty Underwear Model!
63 Photos
I had a dream that Victoria's Secret picked ME as their new underwear model! I was so excited, and not sure how to act with a real professional photographer! In my dream I ended up teasing him (he kept telling me how sexy I was! How as I to resist?) until he couldn't...
Princess Pretty Toes!
50 Photos
A few of my members just love my little toes! One of them even sent me these pretty jewels to dress them up! Of course, I'm not just a pair of size 6 feet! My photographer also made sure to include lots of shots of my tight shaved pussy and 34D natural breasts...
A Very Obedient Elli, Part 2
10 minutes of video
After being spanked like the little slut I am (and loving every second of it) I beg my lover to slide inside me! I can't take the teasing any more! My pussy just feels so empty without his cock inside it! Watch him punish and reward your Elli for her good behaviour!...
It's Hot Out!
47 Photos
I thought I hiked far enough away from the crowds to strip down naked, but then you caught up to me! I guess you noticed my pale butt through the trees! :) Well, now that you're here.. can you think of a great way to spend our rest stop? I sure can! Let's BOTH...
Girlie Fun: These Poor Balloons!
98 Photos
Maeve the redhead Amazon lady showed me how to properly punish little balloons today! Playing with the squeaky latex was so fun, and making them screech and pop gave me such a feeling of pleasure! I can't wait to try this again!
Tits Out, Cock In!
10 minutes of video
My open-cup bra and open-crotch panties allow easy access to all of my most sensitive bits! In fact, I'd love it if you came here and nibbled on my tiny pink nipples! Once you're done that, you can help me slide this massive black dong between my thighs. How should...
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Most Popular Updates
Hot, Intimate Sex!
19 minutes of video
This is raw, folks! The husband and I wanted to try out our new cam system, so he got his hardon on and I got my cleavage bra and sexy pink panties on, and we went to town! First I teased him, and the camera followed my every move and curve. Then I got on my knees
Now THAT'S a Handful!
14 minutes of video
I know we have a big date planned for this evening, but I have my own plans! This skin tight black vinyl dress isn't made for dancing, you know! It's made for TITILLATION! Let me take this matter IN HAND and see what interest I can raise! Ah, that looks tasty!
Jerking and Fucking All Day Long!
10 minutes of video
My man surprised me, and caught me masturbating on the couch, pleasuring myself with my favourite Toy du Jour. Not wanting to stop, I offered the use of my free hand! He was happy to oblige. I jerked and sucked his cock while he worked my pussy with the dildo,
After Shower Encouragement!
8 minutes of video
Everyone can use a little encouragement! I brought my little camera into the bathroom with me to share in a little private ritual I have -- moisturizing my tits and ass with oil always gets my mind (and fingers) wandering to dark places! I tell you how hard and
I'm So Horny! Aren't You?
9 minutes of video
Did you know that the average Horny Redhead thinks of sex twenty or more times a day? Well, this one sure does!! That's why I've asked you in for a drink. You looked a little lost in the hotel lobby downstairs, and I couldn't just leave you! I had to bring you
Honk for Me!
44 Photos
My boyfriend bet me that I couldn't get anyone to honk this early in the morning, so I had to prove him wrong! Thinking back, it was probably a dirty trick to see me naked in public again, but I was game anyway! :) Did you see me that morning? And would YOU have

Upcoming Updates
Dirty Talking MILF
9 minutes of video
Men say that want a lady they can take home to meet the parents, but what they REALLY want is a dirty talking woman who knows what she wants and isn't afraid to say it! Listen carefully to your instructions...!
There's a Hole in My Hose!
58 Photos
These pantyhose have a secret! There's a hole right in the crotch for easy access! Can you believe I wore them to work all day? I might have flashed the mail guy a few times by accident... At least, I think that's why he ran away with a bulge in his pants! Mmm...
Hip or Hipster?
58 Photos
Am I hip? Or just a hipster? With these glasses and this hat, I could be hipster! But I may be able to convince you that the rest of me is all HIPS, LEGS, and BREASTS! :)