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Pew Pew! You're Mine Now!   Added 03/06/2015
I've come to Earth to capture all the hard cock I can find! Ah HAH! I seem to have found YOU! You better give me what I want or I'll get rough with you! Your human organs are no match for my Alien Pussy Orgasms!!

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Stick This Where the Sun Don't Shine!   Added 03/04/2015
Today I have a craving to fill EVERY hole! I'm going to stick my dildo deep inside to satisfy my HORNIEST urge! Use your imagination now.. can you feel my tight hot flesh, gripping you and pulling you inside me? Would you cum inside, you naughty boy? or would you splash me all over?

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Tutor Time with Elli!   Added 03/02/2015
Your wife called. We spoke about her needs and her desires, and she has decided to hire me to help. I am here to teach you how to properly pleasure your woman. First, the tease. Watch as I soak my panties for your education! Now, you take the reins! Can you make me cum? Not too quickly, now. And this is MY turn. No cumming for you yet. Your wife needs to hear my full report after today!

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It Does a Body Good!   Added 02/27/2015
They say milk does a body good! Now if only you would be my pussycat and lap up my milk as it drips off my body! Mmmm I can just imagine your tongue working wonders as you drink deep from my pussy...

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Home From Work   Added 02/25/2015
What, you expect me to make dinner as soon as I get home from work? You must be dreaming! I'm not getting in that kitchen until you give me what I want -- a HUGE ORGASM!! Peel off my pantyhose and show me how hungry you are!!

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Is This Heaven?   Added 02/24/2015
This might be what it looks like (and FEELS like) in Heaven, don't you think? A pretty redhead, sheer lingerie, and lots of smiles and pussy pleasure! Don't be afraid to get your nose right up close and give me a lick! It always helps me cum harder and faster!

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