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Hi there! I'm Elli. Welcome to my site. It really is a labour of love (you're supposed to love what you do, right?) so I hope you enjoy what you find here! I'm always open to new ideas and suggestions, so don't hold back! Shoot me an email or a tweet or come find me on the Dreamnet Forum and let me know what you think! Thanks for checking out ElliNude.com!

My Favourite Blue Toy!   Added 04/17/2015
This blue toy is my all-time favourite! (I miss it so much, but that is another story!) It went everywhere with me -- the bedroom, the bath, the back yard, the bus... (wait, another story!) This time it joined me in the bath and gave me the UTMOST pleasure. I love how it feels almost like a real cock when it's buried deep in my pussy!

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Looking for Love   Added 04/15/2015
*sigh* I've been looking for love.. have I found the right place yet? I must confess, I need it BAD! And I've been looking for oh so long! Ok, so it's not really LOVE that I'm looking for! But you know what I mean *wink* Don't you? So, is this the right place? Can you love me? I promise I'll love you back! So come on over for some good, good love! Click Here to give me some Good Lovin'! I sure do need it! Hurry, I can't hold back long!

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Thirsty After Work!   Added 04/13/2015
I'm glad you accepted my invitation to an after-dinner drink at my place! I hope you don't mind as I make myself a bit more comfortable. Oh, did that make YOU readjust your pants? Maybe a little more peeking at my tits through my sheer bra will help! No? Why don't I just get out of these fussy office clothes entirely? Mmmm my pussy is dripping wet and aching for you! If you're really thirsty, you should get in there and lap it up!!

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Leopard Lady   Added 04/10/2015
Welcome to my lair! I've been waiting... This isn't the kind of position you should leave me in, you know! Hopefully now that you're here, you'll know what to do! Now get over here and show me what you can do! I'm hungry for MAN!

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I Need a Jump!   Added 04/08/2015
I forgot my lights on again! Silly me! Now if only I could find someone to give me a jump... Would you be able to help me out? Call me a damsel in distress, if you will. I would be ever so grateful if you could jump me! Never mind the car... :)

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The Perfect Panty Stuffing   Added 04/06/2015
Julia asked me to help her relax from a stressful day with a massage, and of course I was happy to oblige! When I began to rub the tension out of her long, lovely, stocking legs, though, she made a very strange request! She wanted me to stuff her pretty lace panties deep into her pussy as she masturbated herself! I was to pull them out just as she came, soaking them! You'll never guess what she did next! :) If you want to see more of the lovely Julia, head on over to FFStockings.com!

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