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Welcome to ElliNude.com!
Welcome to my website, ElliNude.com! You must be horny. No? Well, give me just a second and I'll do my best to change that! I love to tease and please! And yes, they're all natural 30E's. In my world sex is best when it's fun, titillating, and a bit cheeky. I produce all my own content with myself and my sexy costars. You're supposed to love what you do, and here I am! Please, please let me know what you think of my labour of love (and horniness!) This site is for YOU to enjoy! Shoot me an email or holler at me on Twitter @elligirl! Now, on with the show!

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HOT Updates
Pop My Cherry?
72 Photos
I may not be a virgin anymore, but I still love a good "Popping!!" Are these boots and skin-tight outfit enough to get you in the mood? Mmm if I can get your cock hard enough, do you think I could ride it for a bit? I really need this!
I'm Driving Naked!
56 Photos
You won't believe how daring I am! I'm DRIVING my car naked! That's right, I don't have a stitch on! Let's see who notices :) Maybe I can find a fun truck driver to tease! :)
I'm So Horny! Aren't You?
9 minutes of video
Did you know that the average Horny Redhead thinks of sex twenty or more times a day? Well, this one sure does!! That's why I've asked you in for a drink. You looked a little lost in the hotel lobby downstairs, and I couldn't just leave you! I had to bring you...
Ice, Ice Baby!
82 Photos
I need to warm up, and I know just the way to do it! Crack out the ice! Normally ice is a cooling agent... But it always gets me HOT! Especially when I drip it all over my bare skin... And rub it in! Actually, I find it's best if I have someone to lick up the drips...
Such a Furry Pussy!
89 Photos
I've been remiss - I neglected to shave my little cooch for the last few weeks, and I'm afraid it's grown bushy! Some men like that, though. Are you one of them? You've seen me shaved and trimmed. Are you ready to see me Au Naturale? Come close and have a good...
Busy Hands Make Quick Work!
14 minutes of video
You sure like to peek up my skirt, don't you? Seeing a flash of my white lace panties really gets you going! Too bad you have to finish some paperwork before our lunch. I'll have to entertain myself for a while... oh, you don't have to watch me! But I wouldn't...
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Most Popular Updates
Now THAT'S a Handful!
14 minutes of video
I know we have a big date planned for this evening, but I have my own plans! This skin tight black vinyl dress isn't made for dancing, you know! It's made for TITILLATION! Let me take this matter IN HAND and see what interest I can raise! Ah, that looks tasty!
Watch Your Wife Masturbate for the Neighbour!
107 Photos
Oh, you're home already? No, you stay there, I'm having fun with the neighbour across the way. Do you want to watch me be a total slut? I'm going to show him my panties! Then I'm going to get my tits out and fondle them while he watches! What do you think he's
Stick This Where the Sun Don't Shine!
57 Photos
Today I have a craving to fill EVERY hole! I'm going to stick my dildo deep inside to satisfy my HORNIEST urge! Use your imagination now.. can you feel my tight hot flesh, gripping you and pulling you inside me? Would you cum inside, you naughty boy? or would you

Upcoming Updates
Arrested and Punished by Kylie de Ville!
11 minutes of video
My building hired a new security guard to patrol the halls. Apparently someone has been flashing the offices across the street, so... Looks like the new guard got her culprit! These Canadian cops always get their "man!" She escorted me back to my apartment and...
The Secretary's Legs
86 Photos
Do you have a sexy secretary at your office? Maybe she wears modest clothes, but that doesn't stop your mind from wandering! I think she knows you're watching... and appreciating! Maybe she's actually showing off for you a bit. Maybe you should help her with her.....
Couch Fun!
62 Photos
Come share a lazy afternoon on the couch with me! I'm not ready to go out and face the day yet. I'd rather face your nice cock right here first!! Get those pants off and come please me while I stick this little vibe in my tight ass!